The difference between washing a
vehicle and cleaning a vehicle.
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With Cycle Guard
Better Fuel Economy For Your Aircraft
With Aero Guard
Easiest Way To Clean
Your RV After A Long Trip
Is RV Guard
Keep your favorite Water Craft
Clean with Marine Guard
Leather, Vinyl, Rubber Dressing
Take care of the finer details of your love.
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Everything from Vinyl Siding, Concrete Cleaning, to Carpet Cleaning and Just Cleaning Your Home.
Get Those Tires Looking Brand New With Auto Guard Tire Cleaner

Why Autoguard

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Why just wash your vehicle when you can clean it quicker and easier? Washing has gone on for decades — why keep doing it? For starters, washing a vehicle rarely does a thorough job of cleaning — areas are easily missed and once the vehicle dries, it never looks as clean. Even worse, washing with soap leaves an oil on your vehicle. This oil residue prevents your vehicle’s paint from breathing properly, causing oxidation, or “dead” paint. Washing is not only ineffective; it’s a slow, sure, unsightly death to any vehicle.

Auto Guard™: The Ultimate Clean

  • Waterless cleaner
  • Can be used anywhere
  • One-step clean and wax
  • Wipes on, wipes off quick and easy
  • Removes damaging oxidation
  • Bugs less likely to stick
  • Fingerprints wipe off easily
  • The ultimate clean without scratching or damaging the surface.
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